Comfirming Your Github Info

Your comments on github for the third-party scripts can be customized- I reached out to your 3 main profiles on CloudFlare and got no response when I requested more info from your 3 main profiles on twitter and Facebook. I would love to know Can Anyone confirm the customization comment on this github repo I linked below is permitted. I would love to copy the code but need to know to what license type is used and what type of fork request. Non of this info is provided by your github read me file or the wiki page on that github repo.

I could save a lot more bandwidth if I could mod it and put it on my github as I have some site specific code that you don’t have on the script.
Your Worker Script called third-party scripts code starting on line 19 indicates the following comment
// Popular scripts (can be site-specific)

This is the link I am confirming the requested information above on is below.

The license in that repo is MIT.


Yes I understand that the code is provided as is without waranties or protections. You helped me confirm the license type is indeed accurate - so that was the reason for the post. There are massive reports going on in the github community above developers using incorrect licensing types causing massive panick and reports are going around the github community about massive amounts of DMCA takedowns issued so thanks for helping me and so many other github users confirm this license is the correct license. I marked your reply as the solution

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CF’s a company big enough to have a legal team that reviews the license of all the software it puts out, including any source code on GitHub.

And, as a long time open source guy, with direct experience using open source code along side proprietary code; if you aren’t sure, ask a lawyer. Not random people on a web forum or mailinglist.

I can say that CF follows the FOSS conventions of placing a license file in the top directory [0] of each project, so I’m happy using their code. But IANAL (to invoke the ghosts of /. :grin:)


[0] &
But sometimes, you’ll find COPYING instead. There’s also SPDX identifiers that are placed in the individual files. e.g. the Linux kernel is gradually adding them (first commented line)