Comcast blocking my cloudflare site

No error message,
If comcast is blocking my site content, but the verizon network isn’t, does that mean I need to contact comcast tech support and get them to stop blocking https"// ??
I have a back channel way to get to the site and that displays in comcast’s network and verizon’s network.
bluegrasscat.profitplatform[dot]com/ works fine

What error are you seeing?

Can you reach They’re on the same IP addresses as your website.

I can reach that one

Is it possible that I couldn’t see both the back channel and the direct to domain channel at the same time?

No error, just a blank page when I go to

It just stopped working for me. You’ll need to troubleshoot this with your browser’s Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome). When it was working, would redirect to www, but now www shows a 404.

You may need to Pause Cloudflare on Site (lower right corner of the Overview page) to make sure your site is working as it should.

I might have a clue. I just noticed that the TLS cert was not on for some reason. This is to say, the secure-site lock isn’t there anymore.

I will try pausing Cloudflare and looking for dev tools

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devtools shows an empty page when I go to the site, from my comcast network, and there is no https site.
On my smartphone, on the verizon network, it is not redirecting to www and not haviong any problem showing the expected content.

I have found that pinging works from comcast and gives me this IPv6 address
The comcast technician said he could get to the site on IE or on Edge, but not on Firefox or chrome.
I installed Firefox on my apple iPhone and I cannot see the site there on firefox on the phone, though I can still see it on safari on the phone.

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