Combining workers & pages to a single list is a 👎


Workers and pages are powerful in Cloudflare, and we have used them for a while.

But a recent dashboard change combining both makes managing them very difficult. They both deserve a separate section IMO.

I don’t think AWS will ever combine s3 and Lambda into a single list.

Please consider this feedback and separate those. Maybe make a poll and see if other users are frustrated with the same.

Please submit your thoughts here:

This is the place listed on the blog for feedback.


Thanks, I have submited my feedback in developer survey.

Please consider my feedback. I strongly think workers and pages deserve their own space, at least in a submenu in the dashboard sidebar. Then it will be easy to manage, and there will be a separation of concerns.

I agree with @shyjal, as Pages and Workers will often be used for different purposes, and may even be of interest to, or the responsibility of, different teams within an organisation, so having them separated in the UI was actually a positive thing.

Ultimately, it makes a lot of sense to merge them due to the significant overlap in functionality, but just combining the UI like this may be a little jarring for some existing users, and being able to opt-in to the new UI, making it a config option with a default of the old presentation, or maybe even just implementing a simple filter at the top of the page (the existing separate menu items could then be kept, with each defaulting to different filter settings), might have been better approaches.

Badly edited that post before hitting reply, so where it says “implementing a” it should have said “make use of the”.