Combine Cloudflare & Optimole

Hi, I’m new to cloudflare here.
I’m running a personal weblog for my photography service at agraphoto and just start to use cloudflare free plan, recently. I’m just wondering, because the free plan doesn’t include the image optimization feature then I consider to use another image optimization plugin, Optimole which has a CDN feature for the image only.
Can I use them both at the same time? Will it get any crash in term of storing the image server CDN?

Thank you in advance for all the people who could help.

It sounds like Optimole will let you use a CDN subdomain for your images, and Cloudflare will support that.

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Hi Sdayman,
Thank you so much for sharing. Hopefully so then.

And perhaps if there some other people out there who were do the same thing with me please be kind to share your experience, wheter it gives you some speed boost on page load :smiley:

Hi, i also used Optimole for pictures before. Now i activated Cloudflare at the same time to test a further speed up option. It looks like that i can’t combine both CDNs.

Optimole was creating a new copy of all images and optimizes them. They all have new URLs. Cloudflare seems to overwrite these rules and load the original bigger and not optimzed images. So in total the speed is slower. Do you have also such effects?

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