Combine Cloudflare for SAAS with Cloudflare Pages

What is the right way to combine these two services?
I want to manage custom domains through my domain panel (ssl-tls/custom-hostnames).
From my panel we have 100 custom domains included and we will pay $0.10 for each additional domain!
In Cloudflare Pages if I go over 100 domains, I need to hire another plan!
Can I continue using Cloudflare for SaaS?

I am in the exact same situation.

I would like to use SSL for SaaS to create custom hostnames to my app hosted on Cloudflare Pages, I don’t want to use the built in custom domain solution of Cloudflare Pages, because I don’t want to expose the domain, I’d like to use my own domain for that.

I could successfully configure SSL for SaaS for other systems, but when I try to configure it to a domain configured as a custom domain of Cloudflare Pages I always receive a 522 page.

I also tried to configure my url as the fallback domain of SSL for SaaS, but It results in an error…

same problem here.

Looking for same solution

Looking forward to the solution. I tried to setup a custom host (SaaS) under SSL and tried to proxying the applications. But no luck.