Combine all SPF records to one record

We recently have a customer from FortySevenInc with domain When our employees from domain sent the email to that customer, he did not receive email and there was error from his end.
We talked to IT from Forty Seven Inc and they said problem was from our SPF records. I currently check and we have about few SPF records. I want to combine those records but do not have experience with it. Here are our records

I just took over IT so I prefer to keep all those records and combine them into 1. Also if we have to modify anything to deliver message to fortyseveninc domain that will be great.

Most of those are for different parts of your domain. There are three similar entries for ‘notify’ that can possibly be merged. Though, as I mentioned, they differ, and there may be reason for that.

As this is not a Cloudflare issue, you should check some anti-spam sites for suggestions. is one good source of help. I’m sure Google would turn up some other good sources of information.

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You’ll want to create DMARC and DKIM records to help protect the domain from abuse.
The two links below are helpful in identifying possible delivery issues and recommend you also verify web host (forms) , onsite (including multi function copiers/printers) or external service used for newsletters etc.


The SPF for and are fine but the SPF for won’t work - you can only have one SPF record per host and so clients will only process the first one it sees (which could be any of them (I think) and ignore the others. Getting a valid result for an email will be down to pure luck with your current config.

If you post the same info again but as text instead of an image I’ll cut and paste the three notify records into one working SPF for you, no worries. I’m a nice guy, but not nice enough to transcribe the text contents of a picture by hand in case I mess something up for you…

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A quick note, this isn’t quite right. When you have multiple SPF records any valid SPF engine will return an immediate permerror, so while this configuration is severely broken there is no luck involved, it’s always broken.


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