Combine 2 domains under 1 domain by DNS records

Hi I’m a new guy in this field.

I bought a Godaddy domain A and use Cloudflare to manage it
I create a CNAME called subdomain C.A for D, cause the domain D is managed by Cloudflare
I bought a Hostinger domain B and create a website for it. Basically B website is the login page.
I want to use one domain for A B and C, is there a way to use DNS records to solve this?

If you posted the actual domains and the DNS entries, that would be a lot easier :wink:

If both domains are in the same Cloudflare account, it should be possible to use a CNAME entry. Simply point to the other hostname. Of course the server still needs to be configured for

I tried to use Cloudflare(CF) to manage the Hostinger domain, but after adding site on CF, my Hostinger domain doesn’t work any more. I dont’ know why and how to fix this.

What does not work? seems to load fine, there is an issue with, however. That will be because of an insecure security setting on Cloudflare. Make sure you have the secure “Full Strict” mode as encryption mode and not the insecure, legacy setting “Flexible”.

Sorry, the Hostinger URL is

That site seems to load fine as well.

I just unpublished the from Godaddy, cause the design tools in Godaddy is way too simple.

Yes, all of the websites works fine till now, I will add to CF, and you will see it is not working

I am afraid it really is not clear what the issue is. You need to provide more details and screenshots.

I wanna use to login and redirect to, but I don’t want others see the URL.

Or if I can use CF to manage, then I will delete

Then you first need to add the other domain to Cloudflare as well, at which point you should be able to use a CNAME entry. Once that works, make sure your server does properly respond for that other domain as well and things should work fine. This will be mostly a server configuration issue and is not related to Cloudflare. The DNS configuration should work as long as if everything is in the same Cloudflare account, as mentioned earlier.

OK, I added to CF and changed its domain to CF now, how can I make sure my login page is still working?

By trying it out.

Shall I just wait? Actually I tried this method several days ago, but the website couldn’t be loaded.

I can’t comment on that as that depends on your resolver.

It currently redirects in circles, but I already addressed at - Combine 2 domains under 1 domain by DNS records - #7 by sandro

As mentioned earlier.

Sorry, I’m a new guy on this, could you teach me to check and modifiy those DNS records for