Combination of NS


Please tell me - if I have combination of NS records:


Does this combination of NS records belong only to me or to plenty of other CloudFlare’s users too?

Yes, they are shared. There are currently 2550 possible combinations.

Where is 2550 stated? Why so?

Why so what? There simply is a limited number of names and a limited number of combinations.

What’s your concern?

I want to ask from what source you got 2550 ?

Is any official source where this amount is stated?

There is, the search will have more on that.

But again, what is your concern? It doesn’t matter if there are five, 2550, or 10,000 combinations, they are shared.

What amount clients CloudFlare have ? Approximately

My concern is to get direct answer - What amount clients CloudFlare have ? Approximately

You got a direct answer. Nameservers are shared. You haven’t answered a single question so far however.

From the most recent shareholder presentation, 3M+ customers. I think it’s something like 160m domains.

So 3M/2550 = 1176 customers have the same couple of DNS


If you want to perform such a basic calculation, then yes.

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