.com to .com.au CNAME redirect not working - CNAME Flattening?

Hi Cloudflare community,

I’ve been trying for weeks now to redirect mydomain.com to mydomain.com.au via CNAME in Cloudflare, but it just doesn’t redirect, .com still does to .com.

Ay ideas how this can be done? There wasn’t anything specific on this use case any where…

Also, I’m using G Suite for custom business domain name, how will [email protected] emails be redirected to the .com.au version? I had a play around with the G Suite admin awhile back and added the .com.au version, but haven’t tested this aspect yet.\

Thank you! :slight_smile:

You should create a page rule matching *example.com* with the setting “Forwarding URL” set to https://example.com.au. Make sure at least one DNS record is set (the CNAME will work).

As for email, in your GSuite dashboard, go to Users -> your user, click on “User Information” -> Email Aliases -> add alias, and enter the domain you want to be an alias for your main inbox. More information: https://support.google.com/a/answer/33327?hl=en


If the .au is configured to respond to the CNAME request for the .com, this should work. What’s the domain?

Thanks, it worked! (https://siteroo.com gets redirected to .com.au version) Forgot that I had to add that forwarding Page Rule… I assumed CNAME alone would just redirect it.


Funny thing is, I have another domain set, and going from .com.au to .com, and that DOESN’T require that page forwarding rule, do you know why? :thinking: (https://owneroom.com.au).

Questionable stuff here. But it’s working, that’s the important bit, maybe someone from the community or Cloudflare can touch on this if they even monitor these boards.


I did that G Suite alias thing a few months back, had to put in a TXT record to verify it on Cloudflare. haven’t tested the .com.au for email yet, but I just stuck with .com on my printed cards, but if both TLD and ccTLD work for the same price on G Suite, it’s a win-win.


I’d like to respectfully contradict @Judge here and say the more correct way of adding your .com.au email to your G Suite .com users is to create a domain alias rather than doing it as user level. Account -> Domains -> Add/Remove domains -> Add a domain alias.

Now all user will be able to send and receive @example.com and example.com.au (providng you have the MX records correct). Only with this domain-wide setup will you also be able to generate DKIM keys for both .com and .com.au domains which will be important for email delivery.

you should try to define SPF and DKIM for both domains just because if every does it, we’ll help make spam a thing of the past. Even better if you go the extra yard and configure DMARC.

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