.com domain transfer after how many days?

So i purchased a .com domain through Cloudflare. My plan was to transfer it afterwards to my hosting company. Atm moment its not possible - when will it be available? I bought it through cf because sometimes my host tries to sell me the domain despite they are available :wink:


What do you mean by “send”? If you mean you want to transfer it to another registrar, then you will have to wait for 60 days before you can transfer it.

Alternatively, simply set up the DNS records in question on Cloudflare and you’ll be good to go.

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Yes i mean transfer - edited my question. What do you mean by dns records in question. After buying a domain the dns is already set to cf. you mean the dns at my host or what? i never run a website on a given host and the domain on another registrar - so i have no clue. sorry

Well, you need to configure the proper DNS records on Cloudflare.

Adding DNS Records has the details on that. As for the records, you will need to talk to your host to know which ones you need to set up.

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thx - i think i understand it. let me check in to my hosting provider and see what i can do. Ohterwise ill wait 60 days :slight_smile:

No worries. You can certainly transfer it, but that’s usually not necessary. You just need to know which records you need.

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maybe i figure it out. In case im able to set it up do i need ssl for the connection between my host where i upload the website files through ftp and Cloudflare?

Yes, you absolutely need SSL on your server.

As for FTP, that can be optionally encrypted as well, but that’s not a connection that would be going via Cloudflare anyhow. Any records which are not web related have to be set to :grey:.

Thx a lot. Take care


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