.com domain price 9.15$ is it with VAT or without?

Hi there,

I want to register a domain with Cloudflare and it show me the price of $9.15/ year for the .com domain.

Is this price including VAT? i am almost at the last screen where it ask me to add credit card and verify address but still there is no mention if the price include taxes or not.

Does anyone know if the $9.15 is including taxes?


Only specific regions will have taxes added, so it depends. Take a look here to see which countries are charged taxes on products:


Hi @simon

The link you shared have no mention about EU (european union). SO does this means i pay no vat when purchasing in eu either as individual or business?


Cloudflare currently doesn’t charge taxes for these products in the EU.

However, depending on your specific tax circumstance as an individual or business, you may be liable to pay tax on it - but that would vary depending on your local tax and individual circumstances, so you’d need to check with your relevant local authorities if you are unsure.

Hi @simon

This is really weird as usually when i purchase something the company issue an Invoice or receipt which is either with or without tax and me as a buyer never have to check with anyone.

Is there anyone from EU who purchase the domains from Cloudflare for business or their company who can share some experience on if it creates any legal issues or tax issues?


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