.com.br godaddy NS need authoritative record

I am trying to update my NS with godaddy and had to call tech support. They told me that .BR dawn/igor NS to be authoritative to update the records in godaddy.

What needs to be done to make this change from Cloudflare side? I have another .BR domain from last year that I changed them just fine but not this new domain.

Any suggestions?

Which happens to be?

your domain ?

insights-cyberbitz.com.br is the domain. I have cyberbitz.com.br which worked fine with Cloudflare for over a year.

Well, your registrar is correct. Neither of these two nameservers is configured for your domain.

Where were you given these nameservers for that domain?

Did you add a A Record poinitng to host ip adress

the ones that are showing in godaddy are their ns that i cant change. I cant change to what Cloudflare says to change them to.

I did add the A record pointing to my server IP.

The insights domain is newly registered early last week.

You did not address the question.

I thought I did. what NS are you referring to?

The Cloudflare nameservers of course.

That domain does not appear to be on Cloudflare in the first place.

When I added the domain to Cloudflare it says to use those domains.

And that’s a screenshot you just took now?

No need of this go to dns of your cyberbitz.com.br domain in Cloudflare and add A record

yes at the setup/check nameserver screen in Cloudflare

In that case something must have gone wrong. I’d suggest you remove the domain from Cloudflare, wait an hour, and then re-add it again.

I have A records in both domains

Ok, let me do this.

Did you change anything?

Now it should actually go through.

Though you have a security issue at that .25 IP address. There is no SSL certificate.