.com.au registrar

I was wondering if there is any further info for an eta on when .com.au will become an option in Cloudflare registrar.

In the past during a related support email I was given an eta of roughly the start of 2019 but that getting all the requirements for non standard tld just taking its due time.

I’m more or less just curious.



Unfortunately the community won’t know more about it than you do. Maybe ask @cloonan or @cscharff

Work for Cloudflare but an outside observer to the process internally. Work is definitely ongoing with the various Country TLD registrars. Watching from the outside it looks like there is a lot (A LOT) of paperwork involved… makes me very happy I am just an observer to be honest.

Announcing dates is hard because until final approval is given you just don’t know. I don’t know the specific status for .com.au but even if we have submitted final paperwork there we’d probably be loathe to provide a guestimate for support because there are just so many variables out of our control.

Unsatisfying answer I admit, but I’ll make sure the PM for Registrar knows our OZ brothers and sisters are eagerly awaiting the announcement.


Thanks all - looking forward to a response on this - very keen to migrate my .com.au domains across to Cloudflare.

Looking forward to .com.au’s available for registration as well…