.com.au domains - Still not supported by Cloudflare?

Trying to migrate my “.com.au” domains into Cloudflare are it looks like they are still not supported? Cloudflare is the first major hosting provider that I have found to not allow them. Anyone know when this might change or why they can’t support it?

“cannot be registered as Cloudflare does not yet support the “.com.au” extension.”

Cloudflare Registrar does not support .com.au domains. You can still add .com.au domains to Cloudflare’s CDN and take advantage of everything other then having them also be your registrar. That is, you’d have to use a third party registrar and point your nameservers at Cloudflare. Cloudflare also isn’t really a “hosting provider”, while they do offer some hosting services, they’re still mostly a CDN/WAF in front of your real hosting provider. The Registrar services are more of an addon for existing customers, having no markup or hidden pricing.

There is a few Top Level Domains (TLDs) here: TLD Policies planned on coming soon, and they just picked up most of Google’s TLDs, but nothing about .com.au. I wouldn’t hold your breath for it, they seem more aimed at picking up the bigger registries and multiple TLDs at once, but only they would know. You can add your domain to Cloudflare and take advantage of their services now, and transfer it later when/if they support it. If you’re trying to find the cheapest: Cheapest .com.au Domain Registration, Renewal, Transfer Prices | TLD-List


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