.com.au Domain Transfers - WHEN?

Transferred most of my domains over to the Cloudflare BUT


…are unsupported as yet. Can we get an advisory on when the .COM.AU domains will be able to move over?

We are all keen!

They’ve never published an ETA or status on ccTLD availability. I’m waiting for a few as well.

Is there a way to talk to “they” and prod some life into them?

Keen to move my .com.au domains to CF.

Double crikey struth mate!

Hi @woodpixel,

I know they are working to increase the list of TLDs offered by Cloudflare Registrar. Currently no way to request or see progress on a TLD, though.

It is time for my regular #whenIsItHappening (??) popup and re-prod…

So #CloudflareStatus when are we going to get broader #TLD support :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This is about the most recent thing I have seen, but still no idea which TLDs, or exactly when!

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