Color quality of Cloudflare Stream not good

I’m new to Cloudflare Stream today.

Just try to serve my short video with Cloudflare Stream but the color of video not good.

Here is screenshot:

You can see the different color of Corgi.

I upload .MOV formats, no filter or anything apply.

I cannot share video links to this post due to new user of this forum.

Thank you for helping

May I ask what kind of a Web browser are you using while testing Cloudflare Stream? :thinking:

Have you tried converting or re-rendering the vieo in some other video format like MP4 with H264 codec?

Maybe a bit of helpful information here:

I have tried both MOV and MP4, drag and drop to browser direct in Cloudflare Stream Dashboard.

Something weird happened: Only Safari on MacOS is showing the video in great quality.

Safari on iOS and MacOS, Chrome on MacOS is happenning this problem (look like the video grayscale down).

I don’t know why.

Maybe related to Chrome’s colour profile used ?

I use Opera browser and use