Colo location BUG of CloudFlare CDN in KR DC

The colo location does not match its real service location identifier
I used a Korean machine to test it and found that the IP previously marked as South Korea became Hong Kong, but the actual ICMP and TCP routing and delays told me that they were still Korean servers.

I honestly doubt that. The hop right before the CF IP is geolocated to HK and is announced by AS58453, ‘China Mobile International Limited’

The loc value in the trace response is your location according to Cloudflare (which is really just maxmind’s enterprise geolocation service), not the country where the datacenter is. I don’t see why colo= would be wrong or what CF would have to gain by faking the country the DC is in.

1 Like is an anycast ip, for Korean users, it will be prioritized to cloudflare’s Korean server

The South Korean server I demonstrated has a delay of about 30ms from the server pointed to by this IP of cloudflare, which is in line with the error in South Korea. If the actual node goes to Hong Kong, it should be about 150ms or more

You can view the data center assigned by cloudflare, colo is the actual data center location, represented by three English letters (such as LAX, SIN, HKG)

I know. Again, I just don’t see why they would lie about the colo location, colo=HKG is what CF datacenter responded to that traceroute. If a KR datacenter responded it would be a different airport code.

This is not an example. I scanned the cloudflare server IP that was about 30ms from my Korean server, and all showed colo as HKG. If it is correct, it should be an ICO? I forgot the three-letter logo in South Korea.
And a few days ago, all this was normal

So my question is that an error may have occurred in the colo logo in South Korea, and the actual access is to the cloudflare data center in South Korea.

As @Judge indicated, that’s highly unlikely. Much more probably that you are hitting a colo in HKG.

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