College Website And Email Not Working


Our website [] has been down for a few days. Domain provider ERNET says this is an issue from the DNS provider. Our [] data showed Cloudflare as our DNS provider. Unfortunately the person who managed our websites is not in contact with the college or unreachable now.

Our email id [[email protected]] is also down which is affecting our entire communication outside. Need your immediate support to put back the site online and make the emails working. Kindly help us soon.

Bestin Jose

Hello there,

It seems right now, your host is not pointing at Cloudflare though previously DNS was managed here. Currently, its been rolling back to Plesk.
Here’s what you can do:

  • In the host, update the NS records (the default)
  • Check the MX records for email functioning

Thank you for the replay. But we don’t have access tot our host or don’t know where it is stored or whom to contact. We are in a very difficult situation.

This is the odd one. You’ll have to try hard contacting the Developer or you can contact Plesk if they can support you in any way to access your host or wait for other members to reply to this thread if they have any other methods to gain access.

Sure, Thank you very much.

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