Coinlist Checking your browser before accessing

Hello. I have a proxy server through which people connect to the coinlist service. But recently there was a problem. At moments when the coinlist is heavily loaded, the page does not load

I use white IP from an official supplier RUWEB. I set up the proxy server myself and it worked fine for six months.
2 weeks ago, users complained that the pages were not loading. I checked on my computer and saw:

All users used Firefox with clear settings and disable WEBRTC
No spam is sent from white IPs and there are no fraudulent actions. Only participation in crypto projects. Proxy is used for great anonymity and control over people.
Maybe problem is:

I do not know what this means, but it is issued by the provider, so it is the same for everyone. Its not server name.

This can happen if someone send’s virtual users to your website , or a BOT is trying to access your website

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real people enter data, work with site and solve captcha

no bots. What is the virtual users ?

maybe support help?

I suspect that Coinlist’s Cloudflare setup is seeing way too much traffic through your specific VPN address, and that makes it look like a bot attack.

After that browser check, are users able to get through?

If you have a good relationship with the Coinlist people, you might ask them to put your VPN’s IP address on an Allow list.

Problem in cloudflare, not in coinlist. Coinlist banned all problems :sweat_smile:

Coinlist support does not solve cloudflare problems, and indeed rarely answers. So I ask here :blush:
Where can I write to support to check that our subnet is not spammed and add it to the whitelist?

Cloudflare doesn’t manage customer configurations. If Coinlist has a setting in place, they would need to modify it for you if they wished to allow you to bypass their current setting.

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Now there are no problems on the coinlist with cloudflare. During periods of high load, cloudflare does not miss my ips.
Blocking occurs on the side of the cloudflare, not the coinlist. After 5 hours, when the load on the coinlist decreases, the blocking is removed. Why? And how do you fix it?

This is based on customer settings/ configuration.

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What settings are you talking about?

i have default firefox settings and disable WEBRTC

This is a configuration managed by coinbase. Cloudflare can’t/ won’t change the settings for a customer’s domain. I can’t be any clearer on the point.

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I am an ordinary person who wants to work for a coinlist, I do not engage in fraud or spam.

I want to solve the problem. But so far, there have been no recommendations for eliminating problems.

Why does the cloudflair sometimes let the proxy pass, and sometimes block. Can you give at least some recommendations? Or a link to a document where there are reasons for blocking.

There is nothing more that can be said here. If you are being blocked/challenged, you need to talk to the site owner. They can match your requests to their firewall log and check what is blocking you. It’s based on their configuration of Cloudflare’s tools and there could be many reasons for it.

If they want to let you through, they would then be able to adjust their configuration to allow that.

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