Code in my script tag

Please help I don’t know if it’s Cloudflare why do I have that key in my script type tag.
How to remove it and what is its purpose if anyone has an idea.

<script type="cbc001459b6a7ef7389e644d-text/javascript"

This is Rocket Loader:

You can disable this in your Cloudflare settings if you want to, but this is just the way Rocket Loader “hides” Javascript from the browser until the rest of the content has loader. Once that has happened, the script tags will be switched back to normal so the browser loads & executes them.

For more, take a look here

thank you for replying, and where can i disable this?
it sims like even wen the site is done loading that code remains there and its affecting some of my scripts.

You will find it in your dashboard Speed configuration. Note you can disable Rocket Loader on specific pages using Page Rules, or you can have Rocket Loader skip specific Javascripts:

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