Code error when adding custom country blocked page


https://-----------/cf-alert/blocked.html (----- = my website)
When adding my blocked.html (CONTAINES MORE THAN 100 CHARACTERS) it says error your code must be longer than 100 characters? What??? All i did was add text to the already set list and now it’s freaking out on me?


What is the text encoding?


I’m using a bootstrap studio so i would assume it’s UTF-8


My guess is it is not UTF-8. Can you share it somewhere like ?


You’re free to look at the page source if you need to


That is not a valid HTML although browsers can render it.


Can you explain deeper?


Some of your HTM tags doesn’t match for example. You can check online.


Thank you so much, im new to hosting a server so its the hardest thing ever when you have to do it all by your self, so many things to learn and remember and understand and block and allow and trigger etc etc, thank you for aiding me!

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@cloonan Seems because of CF crawler/parser for custom HTML, users get misleading error message for invalid HTML syntax. In this case invalid HTML resulted in considering HTML file size less than 100 characters. Guessing currently CF calculates length based on the healthy syntax until parser encounters the first error. So a 200 character file which contains the first error at character 50 will result such an error.

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