Code error. Web display symbols instead of content!

I activated Cloudflare and this happened. See image.

Yes, it’s broken.

and how can i fix it???
before activating Cloudflare it was working ok.
I go to Cloudflare dashboard>advanced>disable but nothing happens

If you used the Advanced feature to disable your site (Pause Cloudflare on Site), then your site is broken.

What’s the domain?

but, Cloudflare broke my site!
As is said, before cloduflare my site was working fine

It cant be Cloudflare and it cant have worked before. Your website is still going directly to your server and thats where you are experiencing the issue. You need to fix this on your server. To me this looks like some double Gzip encoding but thats just a guess. I repeat, you need to check and fix this on your server. This is not Cloudflare related.

Brotoli is GZIP?

Yes and no, it is also a form of compression but not Gzip. Maybe you have configured both, that could also be an explanation. Again, thats something you need to fix on your server and the forum here cant help. If something is unclear I suggest to take it to StackExchange.

I repetat. BEFORE cloudfare. everything was ok. Last night i created Cloudflare account, configure nameservers, and today i woke up and my site displays symbols instead of normal contect.
It’s definitely Cloudflare who broke my site.
Now, the question is, now i deactivated Cloudflare, how can i fix the mess it made to my site?

Then you must have changed something on your server. Again, Cloudflare is not involved except for DNS, all requests go to your server and thats where you need to fix it. There is nothing more to say I am afraid.

I had that “brotoli” option ON. I suppose THAT broke my site.

Now it’s stuck in a redirect loop. Go to HTTP and WordPress tells it to use HTTPS. Go to HTTPS, and you have a redirect to HTTP.

You should have SSL enabled on your server, and Cloudflare Crypto set to Full (Strict) SSL.