Code 9005 problem A record

Hi There,

My Hosting provider ( A2 Hosting ) Changed there Nameserver IP adresses, but when i am trying to change them to the new one i get the error DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004): Content for A record is invalid. Must be a valid IPv4 address (Code: 9005)

But i know i used the right IP adress thats on

I temporarily create a cname to the and thats working okay but now i got alot email’s being rejected.

There support send me to there…

If you feel comfortable revealing it you can post the IP address you were trying to set.

That’s a Cloudflare IP address, so you won’t be able to set that yourself Your domain is hosted on Cloudflare ad Cloudflare is providing DNS for you. Can you describe why/what you’re trying to do in delegating nameservers to your hosting provider?

Because of White Labeling reasons, i want to use my company domain as nameservers, so in stead of as described on there page. That has worked with an A record till a couple weeks ago because there change the IP adresses. The domain resolving works if i do a CNAME to but then i get mail bounces because the domain cannot be resolved.

Your nameservers are hosted by Cloudflare. They are not they are:

To use something other than that while using Cloudflare requires the business plan and then you can set buddy/vanity nameservers. Yu wouldn’t point those to’s IP address though as Cloudflare is hosting your DNS.


Mabey i am not clear enough, i have a reseller hosting package, my own domain ( ) DNS management is trough Cloudflare. and on that domain i have set the nameservers and But for my customers i using an A record to the ip adres from But the IP changed from there site. and now if i want to put the A record i get the error that i put here before. I hope you can understand me better now

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