Code 81503 A, AAAA, CNAME record already exists

Help Please
I want to add a new CNAME record to point the to my courses website
The error message A, AAAA, CNAME record already exists code 81503 comes up when I add this as directed by the course company.
I have already deleted the A records that were there, but there are 3 CNAME records to choose from!
This screen shot shows all the CNAME records!

The middle one (with the blue circle next to it) has CNAME flattening applied (I don’t understand what that means or why).
Please help - let me know what I need to do to get this new CNAME sorted

Considering your www record is already a CNAME for your naked domain and the latter already points to the desired hostname anyway, you shouldn’t need to do anything else.

Hello, thanks for responding. Currently if I try to go to
this error 1014 appears is also on Cloudflare AFAIK, hence you cannot proxy that. You’d need to switch that record to :grey:.

Which record is it that I need to change?

At least the www record, but you probably also want the other one unproxied.

I just changed the www record as you suggested and it now works fine, thank you.
I’m hesitant to adjust the other since I don’t know what it’s for!

That will be a record you imported when you added the domain. Most likely you won’t need it at this point, but that’s something you might want to clarify with your registrar or your previous host.

thank you, according to the set up instructions from teachable, I should be adding 2 cnames one @ and one www to point to
I still am unable to add the www because of the error code that appears.

Your setup is essentially the same. Does it not work? You can always remove the current CNAME record.

both the www and without for get sent to the teachable site which is great - thank you!
However, on the teachable end, an error message comes up by the www domain saying Your domain records may be misconfigured. Please create a CNAME record with your domain registrar and point it to your assigned Teachable domain.

Then proceed with the suggestion from my last message.

thank you, can you just confirm which cname record to delete? currently there are 3

The one that you want to replace.

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