Code 81053

When im trying to add a cname with a subdomain, Cloudflare say its already used with 81053 code… but the subdomaine is NOT used.
Im trying to use play subdomain in cname

There is already an a CNAME record for
ibwpyAMYEM already exists as a CNAME of

do you see that in your DNS panel anywhere?

CNAME’s can’t coexist with other CNAMEs (or A records or AAAA records) of the same name

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Just see my screenshots… i dont have any play subdomain in my dns …

The screenshots don’t actually show your Cloudflare DNS page, what does it look like?

Its my Cloudflare dns page wtf? … lmao

Sorry I’ve never seen it on mobile before, looks kinda weird

Have you ever used any Cloudflare partner services before? Could be a residual DNS entry from an old service

Have you ever seen “” before? Is that a service you’ve used in the past?

I never see that… idk how to fix that! …

How to fix that