Code: 8000000

it was working until 3 hours ago. now I can’t deploy using wrangler to my cloudflare pages.
it keeps throwing errors says,

An unknown error occured. Contact your account team or Cloudflare support:

[code: 8000000]

Does anyone have similar issues?

tried uploading files via zip or folder, none of works. but somehow I re-logged in with CLI command “wrangler login” and selected existing pages, then I could deploy no problem.

I don’t know why but [code: 8000000] remains. I can close browser and terminal and login cloudflare again, then use wrangler login then deploy. I can get away from this error. it is only happening today in last a few months.

Hi @tok sorry about these issues!

I believe this should be resolved as part of the resolution for this incident:

Could you let us know if you still run into issues?


Thanks @erisa-cf for sharing the link.
On my end, it works fine and uploaded no problem. Thanks for looking after this!

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