CODE 525 - what do?

Hey, I’m not technical and can’t run curl commands or such. So I would appreciate ELI5 language.

My domain hirecmo dot io is a Cloudflare domain.

I was getting a Code 525 (handshake failed) on my website. I then went into the “SSL/TLS > Origin Server” part of my Cloudflare dashboard, and realized there wasn’t a certificate there? And so I made a certificate (as seen below) and then went back into “SSL/TLS > Overview” and turned on “Full (strict)”.

But my site still isn’t loading. Not sure why I even got the error in the first place, and if I have done what needs to be done. I have already read previous posts similar to mine here. Would appreciate your support in resolving this.

You mentioned in another topic about this domain, that your site is hosted on Webflow. That appears to be a closed platform that manages its own certificates, so it is unlikely that you would be able to upload the Cloudflare Origin CA certificate that you created.

In a screenshot in your previous topic about this domain, your apex name and www hostname were set to :grey: DNS Only. The current :orange: proxied status may be affecting the automated renewal of the certificate on the Webflow server.

I would switch your Webflow hostnames to :grey: DNS Only and wait a little while to see if Webflow is able to renew the certificate. Assuming that Webflow is able to renew the certificate, you can probably re-enable the :orange: proxy.

Let us know if that works and we can suggest some configuration changes to help ensure that Webflow is able to auto-renew the certificate when your hostnames are :orange: proxied.

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You’re amazing for looking up my previous threads. Intelligent move there.

And yes, this worked. Thanks a ton, Keep doing your thing! :slight_smile:

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