Code: 1292. Contacted billing over a week ago!

We purchased the pro plan (and even paid the first invoice) but our pro plan was canceled even though it should be good through 10/14!

And now when we try to upgrade to pro again we get a Code 1292 error. We’ve contacted billing over a week ago and were transferred to “Trust and Safety” but have heard NOTHING. We need to get this fixed asap so please help!

Thank you,

Christine Alejo (Cloudflare)
Sep 26, 2021, 8:05 PM PDT

Hello there,

Thank you for your response. Hope you are having a great day!

We are sorry for the difficulties here.

We’ve escalated this request onto our Trust and Safety Team for review. Trust and Safety will reach out to you soon, and will help to address your request.

Please note that your request with Technical Support has been closed as our Trust and Safety team will need to follow up directly.

If you need Technical Support assistance, feel free to open a new ticket and we would be happy to assist further.

Thank you very much

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Cloudflare Billing Support Specialist

Oh…Trust and Safety. That group is like a black hole that nobody can talk about. I’m afraid that once you’re sent there, you’re at their mercy.

If you post the Ticket # here, @Laurie can probably add more info to the ticket, but you’re not going to get so much as a peep here in the Community with any specific information on a Trust and Safety issue.


I am not able to share the confidential details of your account here, the Trust and Safety team will respond to you via the escalation. In addition, I have confirmed that they reached out to you, however they received no reply.


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