Code: 1116

Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not any subdomains (e.g.,, not (Code: 1116)

Adding my friends site gives the above error? what did i do
We use Xenforo on site

What the message says. You cant add that domain, you’d have to add, if that is your domain.


domain name what can I do?

The am TLD is not supported by Cloudflare.

That is for Cloudflare Registrar, which I don’t think the OP is referring to (even though the topic is tagged Registrar). You can add other TLDs to use Cloudflare’s core services. does not support. Hopefully next time it also supports …

Please see this thread:

I made a plan upgrade, why is it still not accepted? I’m paying for this domain.

Please read the thread I linked to earlier, is not a TLD, having a different plan should not make a difference to whether it can be added or not.

I’ve read it but I can throw a screenshot of the plan upgrade

I don’t know what that is a screenshot of, but it doesn’t look like Cloudflare.

I don’t believe you will be able to add this domain… You may be able to on a business plan with a CNAME setup, but I am not sure. You should contact support for details of that option.

I can take any screen shot you want. I am using a paid domain

Whats not clear about this?