Code: 1110 eror

Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information of at this time. Please contact Cloudflare Support or try again later. (Code: 1110)

I’m doing my site adding eklicem boyle is not a problem

I don’t see anything reasons preventing that domain from being added to Cloudflare.

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

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I expect @sdayman checked all this but you can see ideas here:

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Oh…maybe it’s DNSSEC. Though I thought I’d been able to initiate the process even with it enabled.

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Right now DNSSEC does not seem enabled on this domain.

The nameservers of the host ( seems somehow complex with perhaps circular dependency issues… ns record that points to its’ parent domain and so. If I was the OP, I would switch to another DNS provider (e.g. for a short while (don’t forget to copy all DNS entries from current DNS), and then try to add the site to Cloudflare.

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