Code: 1096 on one website

Hi Team,

We are able to see a message Deactivated Plans Limit Exceeded on one of our domain

This domain was working correctly last night and suddenly stopped working without any warnings.

Can you please help to identify the issue.

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It’s working for me.

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 6.31.32 AM

Site opens but it shows deactivated on the dashboard

:wave: @varun2,

Based on the domain name I’d guess you are streaming content through Cloudflare on a plan which doesn’t support it. Check section 2.8 of the ToS.

You can either set your hosts which stream content to :grey: bypassing Cloudflare for them or use Stream Delivery or Stream CDN services from Cloudflare which are designed for that use case.

— OG

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