(Code: 10016)

help - why it gives an error when trying to block a country

firewallaccessrules.api.not_entitled.country_block (Code: 10016)

why not block the country?

why not block the country?

there is tech support ???

Hi @virvoyeur, this community is Cloudflare users helping other Cloudflare users. You are best to contact support, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support. Or, once you login to your Cloudflare dashboard, select Support → Help Center to open a support ticket.

IP Country block is supported on our business and Enterprise plans. Are you on the business or enterprise plan for the domain where you are attempting to block the country?

2 days ago everything worked in free mode

why do you do so without warning?

why can not I now completely block the country? gives an error message

  • You have removed countries that have already been blocked. Now people from this country can freely visit my sites. Why do you do so not good.

Same problem here. IP firewall allowed me to block by country up until today.

This was a bug. Our documentation mentions it is an ENT only feature (I mentioned Biz above but that was incorrect). The question had been asked in the forum if the plan availability had changed and the response was it was a bug on our part and would revert. Sorry for any inconvenience it caused.

No problem. Thanks for the quick response and helpful reply.

Is there any progress about that bug? When is it to be expected to get solved.

When will this problem be solved?

Country code blocking is only available on the enterprise plan. It was a bug that other plans could add it for a short period of time. If you are on an enterprise plan and getting the error I would recommend contacting support.

this is not true, for a very long time we could add countries to the lock. You specifically disabled this function in order to earn even more money. This is very unfair on your part. Why are you doing this? Now people from forbidden countries come to me (((

Sorry that is incorrect:


For those that can’t afford thousands a month for such a simple service, if you are using wordpress, this plugin may be helpful. I’ve had some luck with it so far. IP Geo Block – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

It’s always free. Why do we charge now?

They used to be free.

It was a bug after they updated the dashboard and not always free. It was usable for about four or five months.


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