Code: 10013 across entire account

Is this due to beta dashboard, durable objects?

I’m getting An unknown error occured. (Code: 10013) across my entire account. Workers scripts aren’t responding with 200 anymore, either. Related? Workers “quick edit” not working.

The Workers issue is due to a Google outage. Incident reports:
Google - Google Cloud Status Dashboard
Cloudflare - Cloudflare Status - Workers: Workers Preview issue

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For what it’s worth, toggling beta nav/ui off did remove this error code.

Tied to this or tied to outage reported above?

Unsure, but my Workers production scripts are now functioning as expected again and I let customers know outage is seemingly over. I wouldn’t expect beta nav would been culprit. But account-wide error is gone after disabling, and Workers are functioning again.

Keeping an eye on things.