.co.uk Domains Transferred But Not Completed - Invalid Date

Exactly the same for me as this post: .uk domain in invalid state after transfer

Recently initiated the transfer of three .co.uk domains to Cloudflare, after I had already successfully transferred some less important (testing) .co.uk domains.

My former registrar (Uniregistry) changed the IPS tags on all three domains to CLOUDFLARE as requested, but Cloudflare hasn’t accepted the domains, even though it’s been several days. From experience with some other .co.uk domains, this usually happens very quickly after the IPS tag change, sometimes within minutes.

All three domains are now showing in Cloudflare registrar as ‘Invalid Date’, and I’m concerned the domains are now in limbo, with neither registrar. Thankfully, the nameservers on the domains are still correct, and DNS is being provided.

2021-10-09 11_27_07-Window

2021-10-09 11_26_39-Window

I have raised a ticket with Cloudflare support, but so far only had an automated reply, stating that .co.uk is not a supported TLD for the registrar, which is obviously not correct. Ticket number is 2275969.

Based on my experience with other domain transfers from Uniregistry, I suspect it could be the DNSSEC DS keys I had set on the domains. Sadly, these were not removed prior to the change of IPS tag. With other non-co.uk domain transfers, the transfer didn’t go through until the key had been removed from Uniregistry, and I could remove them at Uniregistry, then the domains sailed through. However, once the IPS tags have been changed for the .co.uk domains, Uniregistry have no control over the domain, and I have nowhere to manage the domain details, nor remove the DS keys.

Uniregistry have advised that I could initiate an incoming transfer request for the domains at their end, then if Cloudlfare can change the IPS tags back to UNIREG, I will regain the domains.

Anyhow, I’m stuck without control of my domains, and really hoping someone at Cloudflare can help me sort this.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I’ve escalated the ticket #, but seeing how it’s the weekend, it might have to wait until Monday if the Registrar team isn’t available during the weekend.

Thanks @sdayman, I appreciate that. Will update here if I learn any more.

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Cloudflare support did assure me they are looking into it, but it’s been very quiet from support.

Last I’ve heard is three automated emails stating that I need to remove the domain lock from the domains in question. To my knowledge, domain lock isn’t a thing for .uk domains, and the control lies with the IPS tag.

Anyhow, the domains are still in limbo, and I’m really not sure what to do. Is someone at Cloudflare able to get in touch please? Happy to upgrade my plan if it helps.

I appear to have a similar issue with 12 .co.uk domains. They are stuck in ‘Transfer in progress’ I’ve tried clicking ‘Cancel transfer’ but all that happens is that a spinner appears and then disappears. Nothing else. The outgoing registrar says that the away request has been actioned in each case and the IPS tags set…

Support is aware of this potential lock glitch, so they’re trying to fix that.

Domain locking is disabled on all of my stuck domains… @sdayman ticket 2282405.

@sdayman Any ideas? This is causing me significant stress.

@sdayman @ian30 Thankfully, I can confirm that Cloudflare have now completed my domain transfers.

They didn’t go into great detail, but said the issue with .uk domains is resolved.

I asked whether it was a case of ‘quick fixes’ to get my domains accepted, or whether the underlying issue has been solved for all other/future transfers. They replied:

“As far as I am aware, any temporary issues we have initially seen with .uk transfers have been fixed. Having said that, please bear in mind that .uk can take longer when compared to other TLD’s.”

Hope there’s just a temporary backlog, and you get your domains through soon, @ian30.

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Thanks, @penfold. The latest response to my ticket says it is being passed to the engineering team. Meanwhile, I checked with the outgoing registrar and they say that they have changed the IPS tag correctly but Cloudflare hasn’t accepted them. /cc @sdayman

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