.co.uk domain transfer to Cloudflare

I want to transfer a domain from Google to Cloudflare. I put CLOUDFLARE as the new registrar’s tag. Google have said the transfer has been rejected by Cloudflare.
What do I need to do, or where do I find instructions?

It’s either cloudflare doesn’t support the .co.uk domain or just wait 2 Months and then try again.

Cloudflare does support *.uk and *.co.uk domains - we have a good few of both

Yes, I have another .co.uk domain here that I’ve bought here, but I haven’t ever transferred one in. Google are shutting their domain service so it makes sense to transfer mine over to here and have everything in one place. The instructions both here and on google seem pretty clear and straightforward, but there’s no explanation for why cloudflare would have rejected the transfer or how to get them to accept it. I’ll try again and update here if I’m successful.

Try changing the tags before starting the Cloudflare transfer process - seems wrong but I’ve just been moving all my remaining domains to ClopudFlare and some moved, some didnt, old host instructions were to change tag before starting Cloudflare process and in some cases that worked

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