.co.uk domain transfer request problem


I completed the Cloudflare side of the transfer fine but got errors with the Namecheap side when trying to update the IPS tag.

Their customer support says that the gaining registrar needs to approve the request: “a so-called Handshake. That is where the gaining Registrar (Cloudflare) and the owner of the tag must authorize the request.

I am unable to find any information on how this happens on Cloudflare or how to follow up but I currently cannot input the new flag on the old domain controller.

Any help would be appreciated please.

Thanks, G.

how many days until expiry? cldoufalre will not let you transfer in if the domain has 10 days or less untill expiry.

The shortest one is Jan 18th 2022

hmm, unsure then. I’ve not transfered a .uk domain from namecheap to cloudflare yet, only from other registrars.

Within the namecheap panel, namecheap throws an incorrect “unable to update IPSTag” error each time, but in fact it does update it.

what is the error you get when you try to change to the CLOUDFLARE IPStag within the namecheap panel?

OK, in my experience, you can ignore that message, they show it each and every time i’ve chanfed the IPStag on .uk domains. 100’s of them.

In fact, my namecheap accounts still shows 100’s of .co.uk domains in my domain list, that are no longer with namecheap for over 6 months.

whois the domain to see if the nameservers have been updated, it probably has been.

Whois is currently still showing Namecheap but I only pushed the transfer process a couple of hours ago so think I may need to wait.

sometimes namecheap can be slow, but usually its near instant to other registrars

But, as clloudflare needs to approve it, it’s possible namecheap has extra processes in place which delay things.

Can I presume that just triggering the process on Cloudflare initiates their approval? Namecheap were saying that I needed to request it specifically which is what confused me.

You shoud initiate the transfer at clouflare first, then they’ll wait for the tag change request from namecheap and if there is a problem, cloudflare will email you, so maybe check your emails.

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A few days later…

The status on the Cloudflare Manage Domains page has now changed to ‘Action Needed’ and gives the following detail:

I double-checked the email addresses were correct for both Namecheap and Cloudflare and spam but I have not received any email to provide approval. Has this instead gone to Namecheap and waiting for them to approve?

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So, probing Namecheap further for support on their live chat (very helpful) indicates I am awaiting an email from Cloudflare to approve/deny the transfer.

I have not yet received the email, is it usual to expect a delay? If not how do I contact Cloudflare to chase on the free plan?

I’m having issues with .co.uk transfers to cloudflare too,with the same error message and no email sent.

This was not part of the process previously, so it seems cloudflare have added this extra step and something has broke in the mean time. It’s unsual for .uk transfers to need to be approved via email so I think this was a global change that has gone wrong and they forgot to add logic for exempting .uk domains from the code.

I have a ticket open with support, I suggest you do the same as it may get this issue resolved quicker for everyone.

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https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us - theres a submit request button at the bottom of the page. On the next page click “get more help” and go from there.

You cannot choose the domain in the ticket, so ignore that.

Perfect, thank you. I couldn’t find the ticket submission before so thank you for clearly guiding.

Ticket sent, I will update here once progressed.

I’m experiencing the exact same problem. Going to wait another day and if nothing has changed I plan to open a ticket with Cloudflare Support.

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Is it appropriate to share ticket #ID? help them coordinate?

Yes. They usually auto-close, so we push them into the escalation queue.



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