.co.uk Domain transfer from Namecheap to Cloudflare


I’ve tried 7 times to transfer a .co.uk domain from Namecheap to Cloudflare but each time it gets rejected.

I have followed the steps outlined on Learn how to manage a .UK domain with Cloudflare. · Cloudflare Registrar docs

Namecheap have been reasonably supportive, and have manually changed the IPS tag, but I still have had no success.

I have raised a ticket (#3163248) but wondered if anyone in the community had any ideas?

Thank you

It looks like the transfer went through and I see a set up message from your origin server. Is this all working as you expect?

Thank you - no it’s still lists NameCheap, Inc. as the registrar in the cloudflare dashboard…the whois has not updated either.

Thank you, can you share the name of the domain?

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yes, safeaware.co.uk


Hi @rich21, I have opened a Registrar ticket for further investigation into this trouble.

Let us follow up on the ticket #3163248.

Thank you for your patience and apologies for the inconvenience.

Thank you.


Thanky you oshariff, appreciated.

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Hi CF community,

For the last 13 days I have been trying to transfer a domain from Namecheap to Cloudflare with no success. I created this thread (.co.uk Domain transfer from Namecheap to Cloudflare - #6 by rich21) but it was ‘automatically closed 2 days after the last reply’ as a ticket was raised, but the situation has not resolved and I am not getting a reply from my ticket. (#3163248)

Nominet (Official Registry for UK Domain Names) have stated that the issue is on CF side, but I cannot get any explanation for why my domain transfer keeps failing. I have transferred 27 domains from Namecheap and this is the only one to have issues.

Does anyone here have any advice on how I can get assistance with this please?

Thank you

We are checking on this issue. Our Couldflare Support Team will provide you an update through ticket

Thank you

Hi, support replied to my ticket to say they “reset the domain” (with no explanation about what that means) and to try again - I did and the exact same rejection process occurred again.

This is the steps I took if anyone has any insight to what is going wrong:

Informed by Cloudflare that the domain has been ‘reset’ and to try again

I begin the transfer process on CF dashboard again

Cloudflare checkout process finishes and informs me to change IPS tag to CLOUDFLARE on my current registrar.

I change the IPS tag on Namecheap and check with their support that it was successfully submitted, they said “…The IPS tag change request was submitted, now Cloudflare needs to approve the handshake for the tag to change.”

30 mins later I receive email from CF stating that “Unfortunately, your domain transfer request has been rejected”

This same process has now happened 16 times and it’s very frustrating the delay between support tickets as this type of request requires ‘live’ help, as there is only a 30 window before it fails and I have to repeat the whole process again. There is something clearly wrong in what either I am doing or what CF/Namecheap are doing in this process, but I am going around in circles at the moment. Does anyone have an idea of what I can do next?

Still no reply to my support ticket - is such a delay normal with CF? Very disappointed in the lack of support. Can anyone here please help?