.co.uk domain transfer for an expired domain in grace period

We have transferred a domain into Cloudflare that was in its grace period. The nameservers changed fine, the domain migrated in after an IPS tag change on the .uk domain.

The domain is now in the Cloudflare showing as in its grace period for another 10 days.

When I attempt to renew the domain, the GUI fails silently.

I can see the request to the /registrar/domains/[domain.tld]/renew API endpoint returns a 422 status with the response
“You are not allowed to perform this action”

I am operating as a super admin within the account.

How can I process this renewal?

Once domain enters the Redemption Period, it cannot longer be renewed in the UI and Cloudflare Support needs to be involved since domain has to be restored first and a restore fee may apply in addition to the renewal fee.

However, it looks like the domain in your account was already renewed. I see you have a ticket already open, I have replied in that ticket. Please reach out there if you need more help with the domain.

Some more details on domain transfer and renewal can be found here:

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