I work for an MSP, and we’re evaluating Zero Trust + WARP as a replacement for legacy VPN. So far, we’re really liking the product, but one major hangup is the WARP client. This is going to be a large change for our users, so being able to co-brand/whitelabel the client would go a long way towards helping cut down on support ticket noise if we actually make the switch.

I’ve looked around through the Zero Trust portal, and in the client itself, and I just don’t see any way to brand the client, add a logo, etc. Am I missing something, or this just not a feature? Is anyone else interested in this as a feature - maybe worth sending the Cloudflare team themselves?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

I don’t believe there is a way to brand the client right now, sorry. If you have an Enterprise account you may ask your account team about this feature request, otherwise I recommend dropping a suggestion on


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