CNAMES not resolving

I’m having an issue getting cnames to resolve for a domain registered via Cloudflare.

DNS checker is showing CNAME as not resolving anywhere…

I’m stumped, as some of the records have been on my account for a long time & were resolving previously. Can anyone shed any light?

If these records are proxied, they will never be a CNAME record but an A record. If you need a CNAME record, you need to unproxy the record.

Nope, no cnames are proxied on my account. I’d link to the domain, but stupidly, I’m not allowed to post links…

Well, you may thank spammers :wink:

You can obfuscate your domain somehow.

Damn spammers…

domain: "mycloudsaas".com

– Current Entries –

And which CNAME record does not work for you?

All of them, none are resolving, which I find extremely odd.

tell a lie: "who".is does recognise that the “www” CNAME resolves. but thats it. mxtools & dnschecker aren’t finding any though.

Resolves just fine - DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

This will be an issue with your local resolver. Maybe try rebooting your router or using a different resolver.

As far as Cloudflare is concerned, it works.

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GAH! Must be a provider cache @Vodafones end, I had attempted a router reboot / dns flush etc… even via VPN to a corp box… guess I just ran out of luck :slight_smile:

Cheers for the assist!

Maybe use a different resolver in that case.

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