Cname 為什麼沒有生效嗎

Cloudflare 客服確認看看 CNAME 為什麼沒有生效嗎🤔

因為 URL 是有生效的,我們測試點擊 會被導向*
規則:轉接 URL / 301

Hi there, is a valid hostname and is currently being redirected to from a page rule. The reason it doesn’t show as a CNAME and instead show as an A record is due to CNAME flattening.

CNAME flattening is a feature and aims to protect the origin by masking it, decrease resolution time and allowing CNAMEs to exist at the apex.

As you can see it’s working fine as is.

As an end note, please consider migrating the page rule to a redirect rule, as page rule are now deprecated.

Take care.

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Thank you very much for your response.

Our current issue is that a previous manager had already signed up for Cloudflare and registered the problematic domain address. Now, we are trying to register and proceed anew, but it is not possible.

Therefore, we need to find the account that was previously registered, but we cannot locate it. This makes it difficult to proceed.

Could you please let us know how we can find the account?

My CNAME has not entered into force, and you need to ask NS records.

Hi there,

We cannot divulge information about any user account, but you can go to the Forgot Email? tool and go from there.

If you’re not successful, as long as you have registrar access, you can simply add the zone to any other account:

Take care.

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