CNAME www redirects to an old value (suspecting SSL config)


For a while now I’ve been running my domain and forcing the www subdomain. I also use cname for this.

I was trying out a new tool for me (clickfunnels) that can connect to domains for SMTP purposes. When I did so, it asked to add a cname value for www leading to clickfunnel. I wasn’t sure why, but I did it anyway and turns out it tries to use the domain for its pages, which is wayyyyyyy far from what I wanted.

I changed the value back to itself, and it wouldn’t go back. However, I managed to make it go back when I changed SSL settings. SSL broke on my end, so I had to tweak it a bit, and now it is fixed. But now it started redirecting to clickfunnels again, despite it being 100% scrubbed from that domain (we’re going with a completely different domain for it)

What can I do or check further to figure this out?

May I ask from which one to which? Full to Full (Strict) or something else?

By default, I believe yes that’s the expected behaviour for them.

I wonder did Clickfunnels released the domain from their end and you deleted it from there?
Have you tried reaching out to their Support in the meantime?

Have you changed the CNAME target or rather deleted it and add an A record pointed to something else?

Is the record currently proxied :orange: or :grey: (DNS-only)?

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May I ask from which one to which? Full to Full (Strict) or something else?
I don’t recall what happened when the SSL issues started, and where it was at first, but right now they’re at Full (Strict). The CNAME and regular A records are proxied.

I only changed the CNAME target, i did not delete and redo it nor create an A record for it. Should I try this now?

I will contact clickfunnel’s support as well, it could help yeah. Thanks!

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