CNAME www Records with CloudFlare "Pages"

I am using Cloudflare Pages feature.
I added the CNAME record “WWW” to point to domain root,
Returned a “522” error.
Then I tried pointing to the, same result.

Any pointers or suggestions?

Let me ping the right person…

Did you add to “Custom Domains” within the Pages dashboard?


Yes, I added custom domains but added the www through the DNS settings on the website

Yeah, you need to add that to the custom domain page as well :slight_smile:

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Let me rephrase my answer: I added the root domain in the Custom Domains in the Pages dashboard.
BUT, I added the www to point to that domain.

Could you direct me to where on the Pages dashboard I configure the “Custom Domains”


Just found it…

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That was strange. I added it the “Custom Domains” which appeared to be the exact same entry as I had before in my DNS settings.

Does adding a custom domain do something interesting to the plumbing in the walls?

It configures Pages to accept that domain, yes :slight_smile:



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