CNAME `www` not resolving

I’ve added following CNAME on my dns settings:

Type Name Content
CNAME www kmservicesnationwide dot com

but cant access my domain with www prefix. Instead, it is giving me a 404 error in the browser while I’m trying to access it. Is there anything that I might not be doing right? Please help. Thanks in advance.

I think its much better if you pay $10 for ssl for a year than transferring your domains to Cloudflare for free and feel doomed …come on man… you gotta have a live chat option

While there is nothing wrong with paying for a certificate, Cloudflare does not offer SSL in the first place. And certificate have been free for almost 20 years anyhow.

Your issue is not Cloudflare, but a server which is not properly configured. I’d suggest to pause Cloudflare and to get the site working first.

my site is hosted on azure cloud … and you are thinking its not configured properly? how come site is opening all good without www prefix?

Does it work when paused?

Or use Redirect to

Your encryption mode on Cloudflare is Full Strict, right?

If not, your whole site is insecure.

my site (unsecure) is working sir. I paused Cloudflare and checked it just now.

Then you should fix that first.

Keep Cloudflare paused and make sure your site loads fine on SSL. Once that works, we can check any other issues.

encryption mode is Full

That’s insecure.

how can I make sure my site loads fine on SSL?

That’s a question for your host I am afraid. You need a valid certificate on your server.

You could check out Cloudflare’s Origin certificates for example.

do you mean to say I need to purchase a valid certificate on my server to have your free Cloudflare ssl ?

Whether you purchase it or get a free one does not matter. You need a certificate on your server.

and why will Azure not have a valid certificate on their server?

Again, that’s a question for your host not Cloudflare.

Ok I will get in touch with them and get back to you when I have a response. Please keep your notifications active. Good talk. Thanks

As I mentioned earlier, you can also get an Origin certificate

Sure. I will look into that if I need. Thanks

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