Cname WWW not propagated after migrating site

I did move my site to a new server and after some issues on DNS propagation, I was able to have it propagate for the A record of the site. But after 24 hours, when I check the alias of the site, ( the www version, it doesn’t show anywhere.
I did disable DNSSEC because it created issues with the propagation of A version of the site. Since my DNS is on Cloudflare, my Registrar told me that the issue is not caused by anything they can control. Can anyone give me some clues of what to do to fix this? On DNS settings of cloudflare the www is proxied and showing an orange cloud. Thanks

You didn’t post your domain name, so we can only take wild guesses. DNSSEC might still linger somewhere in your domain. Or you might not even be using Cloudflare name servers.

If you’re expecting your :orange: DNS entry’s public IP address to change, it won’t. Those IP addresses stay the same for your domain, regardless of how the back end connects to your web server.

Thansk for the reply. The domain is And nameservers are the ones of cloudflare. The Ip address did already change is just the www that is not showing. i contacted hosting support because, on tool, I found half of my https places around the world giving 503 error. It was them who checked the www and told me that this CNAME is not propagated and to see on my DNS support if I can find an answer.

There’s a DNS record for www:

If it’s a CNAME, you’ve set it to :orange:, and it’s going to resolve as an IP address.

The site also looks to be reachable with and without www.

I used this tool when was on phone with a hosting specialist and he told me that I should choose from the drop menu CNAME and not A record. And i did choose the CNAME and got zero results. He told me that this is an issue and the cause for the 503 errors. I am not a specialist on this, so, got worried. I did enable the https rewrites yesterday on cloudflare account, because got a warning of mixed content but the hosting support told me that that is not related with this CNAME not being propagated.

Here’s some info on 503 errors:

Thanks. so, this «explanation» of the CNAME not being propagated is just a diversion? There’s no need to get the alias propagating as the A record? But on my cloudflare account the www is proxied with an orange cloud. shouldn’t show on dnschecker?And can you tell me if you find safe now to enable again the DNSSEC? Because I intend to do it, I just don’t know if I should wait some days until DNS gets completelly stable.

This is an update of my issue reported yesterday. I did escalade the issue to support and after receiving their message saying that they could not investigate further my 503 errors because I had my DNS at Cloudflare, I disabled Cloudflare for that site temporarily (and with great regret) and the issue got even worse, because almost all places around the world were now showing 503 error. So, I’ve just told by hosting that this is an issue with the hosting servers, and probably the same this is the cause for the CNAME www of the site is not showing anywhere. One thing is certain, Cloudflare is not the cause for this since the problem persists and now the site is not connected to Cloudflare. I wll reconnect my site as soon as i am told that the issue is solved , not to give any opportunity to blame a third party for it , it is always the easiest way unfortunatelly, to «solve» a problem. Thanks

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Hi @mfatimajesus,

It is unfortunate that some hosting providers refuse to troubleshoot anything when your domain points to Cloudflare, but thank you for letting us know that it isn’t a Cloudflare issue. Hopefully, they will resolve it and you can use Cloudflare on the site again.

You’re welcome, after all, I am using a great service that is Cloudflare for free, it is the least I can do in a situation like this.

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