CNAME works but doesn't show on dns lookup

I have added a cname records that actualy works

But it doesn’t show on dns lookup like dnschecker org

Is the CNAME :orange: or :grey:? When a CNAME is :orange: it is published as A and AAAA records with Cloudflare IPs. You will never find a published CNAME RR type for any :orange: CNAME.

It is DNS only.
The redirection works, but the other party claims they cant see the record.
I checked using dns tools and I also can’t see the record

If you can share the FQDN of the CNAME, the community can share any relevant results.

I don’t know how to share a link.
It’s with dots:
www2 baka org il

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Not sure how 3rd party tools work, but it resolves just fine.

dig +short

As does the tool you listed.


Great !

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