CNAME won't propagate


My CNAME for autodiscover . outlook . com does not propagate.
It worked fine, until I started to use Cloudflare.
In DNS from Cloudflare, I can see:

autodiscover . outlook . com

Any person has any idea what I should do?

Thank you, Bernard

What domain?

Make sure the CNAME is :grey: on the Cloudflare dashboard, not :orange:.

Iā€™m pretty sure that modern clients do not use these records any more. You can test the Autodiscovery process with Office 365 using this tool:

Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer



Thank you for your response/

CNAME on the Cloudflare is dashboard :orange:.

I tried Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer and there everything is green.

Any suggestions?

Best Regards,

Bernard van der Haegen

Make it :grey:!

super thanks, the problem is fixed.

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Great to have people like you around helping us !!!
really thank you, B.

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