Cname with different mx record possible

Is it possible to setup a cname record that points to one domain and setup an mx record to point to a different domain?

Yes, and pretty common from looking at various configurations. The cname should point to a service you want to expose and the mx to your mail hosting provider. There are good #tutorial on setting up DNS records Community Tutorials

These may all be pretty helpful for you as you set up those records.

For the same leaf record? Technically no. An MX record must point to an A record per the relevant RFCs.

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Thanks for the reply. What exactly is a leaf record?

A leaf record would be something other than the root record.

So is a root record, would be a leaf record.

So the MX records for need to point to hosts which are an A record because the RFC requires it. A record used for a mail client though (like or can usually point to a CNAME record.

The difficulty comes in when you’ve delegated to a 3rd party provider via cname. (e.g. You can’t then create an MX record for mail hosts associated with and point it to anything because according to the DNS standards no other records are allowed.


Thanks so much for the reply, I really appreciate it. This is what I assumed was the case, as it wouldn’t work when I tried to set an mx record different from the CNAME for

via WHM/cpanel.

A vendor we are using for something requested that I set it up that way. When I said it wasnt possible, they asked that I move the DNS to Cloudflare and set it up there, because there must be a limitation with my hosts WHM/cpanel.

Not in a place
To to test but shmaybe if you :orange: the leaf node, but technically Cloudflare should complain. Maybe if you define a non existent target first you can fake Cloudflare when you define the CNAME record? But it is a dodge vs a thing I would bank revenue on.

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