CNAME value containing domain produces error

Hi guys,

I have just purchased the domain Long story behind the why.

I wish to use it with a GitHub pages site and so am setting up the CNAME records for root and www on the domain.

However, when I go to add either I get the following error with the CNAME value as “Invalid hostname: Use ‘@’ to represent the root domain”

Why would I want to use @ in the custom value of the CNAME??


I presume that is a screenshot from your control panel for that .live domain. In this case you only enter the target host (the Github one) in that field. No slash.

According to GitHub, the CNAME should include the slash to end up at the correct repository?

That would be a for a redirect. A CNAME is a DNS entry pointing to a host, not a URL.

TIL. Thanks :slight_smile:

The error CF gives me was not exactly helpful I must say…

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