CNAME & TXT Records not propagating

We’ve recently added TXT records approximately 24 hours ago that are not propagating. From our experience with Cloudflare, DNS records usually propagate very quickly.

Also seeing an issue with CNAME records not propagating. Aside from newly added CNAME records, we are seeing an old autodiscover outlook record is also not showing up Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email

What records are you expecting to see there on that network tools page?

Sorry linked the wrong page. Using the CNAME lookup, there should already be an record because we had already verified this existed when adding the domain to our M365 account.

The apex (root) of a domain can’t have a CNAME, so Cloudflare has performed “CNAME flattening” on the main domain which is what that link leads to the lookup of.

That tool cannot list subdomains either so for outlook you would want to lookup the autodiscover subdomain specifically on that website, which it does report as existing as described:

Thank you, I’ve found the other CNAME & TXT records using the method you suggested. Do you recommend any tool we should use that automatically lists subdomains so that we don’t have to manually input it?

I don’t know of any, since DNS does not expose a list of subdomains and anything scanning for such is basically guesswork.

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